Public Vs. Charter School Mock Tweet (Week 12)

New civil rights issue: fixing the public school system for under privileged communities. Our children are not learning.

Why do black politicians not support charter school, vouchers, or school choice while many of their constituents are going to those worse schools?

Let’s take a step back and outline what are the entire problem that exist in our public school system and why aren’t our kids learning?

How do we ensure a standard core curriculum across the board? We are not globally competitive and that has to change.

Public schools in Washington D.C. have a higher per capita expenditure than any school anywhere but are 48th in outcomes for kids. There is no correlation between how much we spend and outcomes for kids. The problem goes deeper.

Every parent wants the best education for their children, but is often conflicted on where to begin. Many factors such as finance, school funding and extra-circular programs play a key role when deciding what school is best. Not to mention the overwhelming decision to choose between local public school, a charter school, or a private school this can become a roadblock all on its own. Roland Martin and a few other experts got together to discuss the challenges many low income families face while choosing between public and charter schools.

Charter schools are public schools of choice, meaning that families choose them for their children. Although charters have more freedoms from regulations, they still have to abide by curricular requirements of the state and adhere to the promises made in their charters. These schools normally challenge standard education practices and sometimes specialize in a particular area, such as technology or the arts are considered more cutting edge than traditional schools. There is some political debate challenging the growth of charters school, because although great, many African American do not have access to these new advancements.

Our children are not globally competitive and schools in our jurisdictions lack support and resources that other schools in affluent neighborhoods have. The African American community has been fighting for quality education since the abolition of slavery. The public schools in the Southside of Chicago vary drastically from a California suburb public school.

Roland Martin’s panel discussion did not come to an agreement as to which school was better, but did agree that we need to outline what is keeping our students behind. We need to study what works and replicate it. Also keep in mind that not every black student learns the same. We have proven time and time again that African American are some of the most complex people in terms of history and culture and that affects the way we learn. Are children have to be the most diverse demographic in America and lower income families deal with more socio and economic dysfunction than any other tax bracket. In my opinion, in order to fix this problem as government task force should be assembled, start from the lowest performing school and address problems head on.    


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