The Day I Got My Internship (Sp. Week 1)

It is the second week of the semester, and there is no denying it, school has started. Syllabus week was sweet while it lasted, now professors are full steam ahead with assignment and big expectations. My internship advisor is no different.

Today I met Alexander Rukashaza (yea it’s a mouth full) the broadcast operation & media manager at WHUT, Howard University’s Television Network. For the next three months he will be overseeing by day to day operations. Despite me telling him that after graduation I am running as far away from journalism as possible, he is insistent on making the next three months journalism jungle jim.

For those of you who don’t know, it took me four years to realize that I don’t really want to pursue journalism. The field is great, but not for me. I want to enact real change in the world and not just report it. I understand that the press can be used for good, and does have the possibility to make a difference,  but I need tangibility, and in your face results. The press was designed to be be a checks and balances system of the government and the community, however I feel mainstream media has been used as a tool by the very entities they are supposed to monitor.

Despite my conspiracy theory, Alex insist that not all journalism is bad. he pointed out today that politics and hard news is not the only thing out there. He says the this semester we are going to focus more on ever green packages, with real content. He also wants me to utilize my Speech Pathology minor and produce packages highlighting that field.

As of now, he is trying to get me to produce a package every week, I am not sure how realistic this request is, but I am willing to try.


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