New Skill Set (Sp. Week 4)

Today was pretty fun. I helped Spotlight Network film an episode of Bison Days. The show features a panel of four student, two male, to female. If I remember correctly, each member represented a different graduating class on campus.  The show is geared towards all students and discusses topics that affect students in and out of the classroom.

My job was to help get the set ready and later in the show, manage the audio levels. The set is real simple, for chairs, lined up in a loose curved line. There are three cameras. operated by Spotlight students, each needed to be hooked up, balanced, and positioned.

Once the basic layout was complete, the personalities need to be wired. Next I was shown to the audio board. Never had i ever operated an audio board. I was familiar with reading audio levels, when it came to editing a shooting packages but controlling them was a whole different story. Since Spotlight is a student ran organization, I was comfortable because we were all novices. Some more skilled than other, but all were patient. Once I got the hang of it, I was able to anticipate period of high volume, customize each level  depending on the inflection patterns of the personalities, and since it was only four of them it was manageable.


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