First Published Story! (Sp. Week 3)

It’s only been three weeks and Trump is running amok. Can’t say we didn’t see it coming but the policies he’s trying to institute are bordeline insane. We are witnessing the rise of Hitler in 2017. He has just proposed an immigration. Banning people, visa or no visa, from seven Muslim majority countries. Ironically the four countries in which the 9/11 attackers were born, are not on this list. People are outraged.

Luckily I was able to cover the perspective of DC residents and they’re take on the situation. For my Capstone course, my first package was due on a community issue, and  this seemed perfect., Not to mention, Alex wanted me to pick a topic I am passionate about and report on it. Admittedly, my passion isn’t immigration or immigration reform. However, any decent human can stand for human rights. This ban is targeting muslims specifically and it’s not right.

Getting this story was not easy. First off, for my man on the street interviews I was alone, it was cold. Not fun at all. Also, I knew if I were to make this story work I would to interview someone who supported the bill, i.e. a Trump supporter. I have seen on tv, countless times over how Trump supporters treat the media and opposition in general. This was the first time persona safety was a real factor in filming a package. A  friend of mine suggested an easy fix. Go to the White House. One, Trump supporters are more likely to be there, it’s one of the most secure buildings/area in DC maybe even America, and the backdrop will look great in a stand-up.

Even with my interviews, the story was lacking a WOW factor. Well, thank God for family, because my cousin who was protesting in Los Angeles got amazing footage of California Rep, Maxine Waters protesting at LAX. She sent it to me the night I was putting my package together and it made the story ten times better.

I showed Alex, and it got published! It was quite exciting. However, this accolade did not come without constructive criticism.

  1. Framing is everything. Utilize the Rule of Thirds, and if you are alone, use the equipment with you to try and mark where you stand.
  2.  Don’t be afraid to fix the framing in editing, so a full body shot can be closer.
  3. Put your WOW factor. Lead in with the good stuff and let rest follow.
  4. Natural sound under voice overs are good.
  5. Tripod, Tripod, Tripod.

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