Tricaster, I Barely Know Her

This week, in my Capstone NewsVision class we started practicing producing news cast. We learned how to download, SOTs, VOSOTs and packages from the CNN Newsource and construct them into a 3-5 minute production. In teams of four we each had to pick a position of either producer, anchor, telecaster runner/editor or switcher/editor. Thanks to my internship with WHUT and my experience with the Tricaster software that we use for Chapel services I was already well versed as a switcher.

However, unlike with WHUT, elements of the news cast did not come preset. Meaning everything from background, green screen, framing, video, lower thirds has to be manually set. This i was not verse in, and unfortunately it wasn’t our professor’s specialty either.

The first news cast was rocky to say the least. Three-five minutes does not seem like a long time at first, but when you are writing, and editing video to fill that time, you learn that each second feels like a minute. Despite the difficulty Learned a lot which has since helped in further productions and in my internship.

I have mastered the art of pushing button until the screen reflects what I want. I really wish I was joking, but I took an hour this week to just sit and earn the Tricaster as best as I could, and the whole time I randomly pushed button. I messed around with the settings, audio, different channels, importing graphics, fading in, out and to black.I will never underestimate the power of blind testing because I can truly say I am comfortable with the machine now. I have been able to help other group with their productions, I’m a little more independent when recording Chapel services and my supervisors and professor has noticed. It feels pretty good.



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