California Love

The graduating class of 2016 had the best speaker of all time, President Barack Obama. Literally, no one, besides maybe Michelle Obama could top him, yet Kamala Harris comes in at a close second. The political climate of today is outrageous and as the first African American woman to serve as attorney general of California, and the second African American woman to become a state senator, I can’t think of anyone else better address the class of 2017 at the commencement ceremony.

Admittedly, being born and raised in California, I am a little bias. What she has done for my state is tremendous and hit’s closer to home for me than others. In our home state she has worked tirelessly to reduce school truancy, eliminating the state’s backlog of untested rape kits, successfully suing the for-profit Corinthian Colleges, and negotiate mortgage relief settlement on behalf of California homeowners.

What I really appreciate the most about her is the fact that she has publicly stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. She has been vocal about police brutality, and the lack of regulation and accountability in handling officer-involved shootings. As a women and a person of color she is changing our narrative.

Though, she has been criticized for not doing enough, her journey alone is a testament of how far we’ve come and how far we can go. Not every politician, or barrier breaker is perfect. Even President received flak for not doing enough for the African American community. I am arguing that her fight alone, her commitment to trying, is phenomenal especially on such as big stage.

I am excited to hear her speak. I believe she is going to inspire, motivate, and challenge are class.


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