Her Excellency

On Monday, in the School of Business auditorium, Howard University Department of Political Science in collaboration with the Ralph J. Bunche International Affairs Center and the School of Business hosted former President of Brazil Her Excellency, Dilma Rousseff. I had the pleasure of working with WHUT to to record her visit and Q&A with local DC residents and Howard University students.

The event created a unique opportunity for the community to interact with the former president on a intimate level as she shared her experiences experiences in Brazil including her removal from office, politics in Brazil and the current political situation on a global scale.

Initially I had no idea what I signed up for. My bosses just requested volunteers for this late night event, and in all honesty I just needed the hours. As I get to Burr, the team is already in a frenzy. Wires were being in every direction, cameras were being set up, lighting was being tested and they happily threw me in the mix. The main problem we faced was audio. It’s always audio. Our set had a clear feed; however the translator, who had a complete different system, needed a separate feed in order to broadcast translation to the multiple headset the audience would have. We get the feed, and start recording just in time for the event to start.

All is going well, until President Rousseff’s mic goes out. Fortunately for the audience, due to the translator they were still able to follow, unfortunately for us we have silence. The camera closest to the mic was able to replace our feed, but that meant we had one less camera for cutaway shots. So for a good thirty minutes, our shots were extremely limited.

Despite the problems, overall the final product was decent. We even got to meet Her Excellency after the event! I definitely plan to go back and watch the recording, so I can hear what she had to say because her story is truly phenomenal.



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