My Average Media Consumption (Week 1)

On a weekly average, I consume three to four hours of political news. I try to spend at least thirty minutes each day dedicated to reading articles and watching videos posted on various websites such as CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, The Grio, and The Atlantic. Against my better judgement, once I try to look at Fox News outlets as well, just to get a healthy balance of coverage.

There are definite biases depending on which source I use. I pulled up similar stories regarding anti Donald Trump’s protest following his recent victory and the most man publications took different stances.

It goes without saying that Fox News has a conservative, left wing, 1% outtake on almost all their coverage both written and taped. One article in particular headlines as, “Suck it up: Lawmaker wants to cut funding for school coddling students over Trump.” An Iowa State Representative, Bobby Kaufmann is proposing a bill entitled that will cut state funding for colleges aiding in extensive grief counseling for its “snowflake” students. This isn’t the first article condemning anti-trump protesters, as another article reporting on The University of Michigan’s alternative therapy practice is also on line. This article was coupled with an on-air interview with Kaufmann who briefly expressed his disdain on the growing topic of sanctuary campuses.

CNN, a sympathizer, and avid coverers of student protest since the election, also has an article regarding sanctuary campuses. The article aimed to give a comprehensive coverage on the issue, using multiple videos and interviews of protesters which highlight their initiatives. CNN has repeatedly been accused of having a liberal biased which could attribute for their favorable view over this protest.

The Atlantic has been an avid source of pro and anti-trump protest starting early this year. One article written in March questioned the methods of discipline exercised by Emory College who sought repercussions for an assailant who wrote “Trump 2016” in colored chalk around campus. Contrary to many publications, the author took liberties to insert himself and what seemed as his opinion in the story. “I don’t know whether these students have an incoherent theory of how power works, or haven’t thought the matter through.” The Atlantic has skewed views that have been known to lean towards the left, but is best known for its highly-acclaimed article about what ISIS actually is, which has been deemed straightforward and fair.

My main problem with political journalism is that it seems to always support another man’s agenda. We have learned that super packs and unethical companies own these publications and urge content to be in their favor. When I watch and read the news, I always feel like I’m being fed something I don’t need or want. I feel like the news today is a cancer that spreads fear and confusion amongst the public, and forced them to think and feel what organizations want you to think and feel.


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